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Working at Subway: 8,788 Reviews about Pay Benefits Manpower Employee Reviews in Las Vegas, NV Hobby Metal Detectors Wikipedia:In the news/Candidates/June 2017 Carrabba s Italian Grill 8,788 reviews from Subway employees about Pay Benefits. Manpower Employee Reviews in Las Vegas, NV -. See the best hobby metal detectors accessories from. Use Marriott s Hotel Directory to Conduct Your Hotel Search Airline Tickets Flights to Rome, Italy Embassy and Consulates in Italy Artesanía tradicional de Nueva Esparta, La Asunción Compare over 12 brands. Shop buy the top hobby metal detectors. Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/February -2013 Jump to navigation Jump to search. I am nominating the image for its value on English Wikipedia, not Commons, but the description page is on Commons.

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Floquenbeam ( talk ) 19:55, (UTC) Closed UN negotiations on a Nuclear-Weapon-Ban treaty edit June 14 edit Portal:Current events/2017 June 14 Armed conflicts and attacks Business and economics Disasters and accidents Grenfell Tower fire A large fire consumes the. The Rambling Man ( talk ) 08:23, (UTC) Yeah, I'll work on expanding that a little when I've got a moment. (For what its worth, I'm perfectly happy to post a redlink to the main page if the main update is elsewhere - personally I think that readers see far too few redlinks and get the impression the encylopedia is basically. The issue over the caption affects my vote as well - the caption definately seems to indicate this is about the bay, whereas the picture is actually a lump of ice that could be anywhere in the world. Articles in which this image appears Dioptase FP category for this image Wikipedia:Featured pictures/Sciences/Geology Creator Archaeodontosaurus Support as nominator - ceran thor 20:05, (UTC) Support Nice job on the black background. J Milburn ( talk ) 23:12, 10 February 2013 (UTC) Comment Shouldn't he have an article if we're noming a picture of him? The 400 million presumably includes about 300 million Americans, and the.1 billion appear to be spread all over the world including those vast swathes of the world that have no interest in cricket. You should be able to get your camera to give you a more typical shutter speed and aperture for this kind of subject. I will make a try beneath the main map, but if I'm not satisfied, I will let them like now. It's a reasonable picture, but cut off at both sides and the bottom (I assume the castle basically finishes beyond the moat, so could probably allow for the picture ending in the water if we could see the whole width of the place). But I don't think the Hubble photos should be removed from the article, since the Hubble photos have far greater magnification (field of view only.5 arcminutes compared.77 arcminutes in this picture). If you really care about the greater significance beyond the news of the day, it's an assassination attempt on members of the.S.

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Adam Cuerden ( talk ) 03:42, 7 February 2013 (UTC) You are correct. Concerns have largely been addressed and I made a few tweaks. Malaysian Plover, fP category for this image, wikipedia:Featured pictures/Animals/Birds. Still, I'd love to see some featured pictures showing the great variety and ambition of Soviet public architecture. Spencer T C 09:31, (UTC) I suggest we use File:Resorts World G as the ITN image as it more directly relates to an ITN item than a photo of Trump. Voting period ends on t 14:20:19 (UTC) Reason High Quality. This really needs expansion. The Anome ( talk ) 09:45, (UTC) Please read above again. BabbaQ ( talk ) 14:55, (UTC) Support nice work, much improved. Keep it short and neutral.

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StillWaitingForConnection ( talk ) 14:21, (UTC) Support Major story of video porno online gratis come sedurre una donna global significance given the rising incidence of wildfires worldwide. Stigmatella aurantiaca ( talk ) 13:27, (UTC) Would me editing this to fix the hairs be acceptable editing? Members of 62 families were at one point feared buried. Christian Roess ( talk ) 07:33, (UTC) Comment. 99of9 ( talk ) 00:06, 11 February 2013 (UTC) Support Great image! Adam Cuerden ( talk ) 03:28, (UTC) On further consideration, support per Adam; this angle doesn't seem to have the strongest EV, but it's good enough. However I think that the blurb could be improved a bit. Posted - Bongwarrior ( talk ) 23:27, (UTC) Closed Shanghai Cooperation Organisation edit Portal:Current events/2017 June 8 Armed conflicts and attacks Arts and culture Business and economy Disasters and accidents Wildfires in South Africa Up to 10,000 people have been. Please note that Wikipedia is not a democracy ; its "means of decision making and conflict resolution is editing and discussion leading to consensusnot voting" and that such should be based upon the merit of arguments made. In order to get the metal mount, I will have to use the 70-300mm lens from 5 ft away since the free versions of the stacking software don't seem to work on this subject from an angle that will show the metal mount. elekhh T 13:34, (UTC) I have updadted it to include Kristiania (with a note on the description mentioning that it was the name for what is now Oslo) and I have made the boxes in the side panels. I've just seen it in the Council on Foreign Relations e-mail newsletter, so it's definitely a thing. However, even a fast computer is unable to render them quickly enough to avoid a bit of a lag. Sca ( talk ) 20:54, (UTC) Posted. Agree with Sven about the high. Gaz hiley 09:17, (UTC) Not Promoted - Armbrust The Homunculus 08:06, 8 February 2013 (UTC) Head louse edit Voting period is over. Automatic Strikeout ( T C ) 05:42, (UTC) Support the buildings in the background are a little distracting, but unavoidable. M asem ( t ) 02:45, (UTC) For some actual constructive feedback, I've put up two blurbs, based on the two feasible outcomes at this point (Tories scrape a majority, or lose their majority but remain the. LWC ( talk ) 05:47, 17 February 2013 (UTC) The above is still a problem for me, as well (the cut and paste).

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(Reuters) Movies Politics and elections Science and technology Posted RD: Jeffrey Tate edit Article: Jeffrey Tate ( talk, history ) Recent deaths nomination News source(s BBC, Der Spiegel (German) Article updated Per this RFC and further discussion, the nomination. It's getting major news coverage in the United States. Of course, my apologies for some of the things I surely missed or overlooked. The entire page has one section only, called "Life and times." The other problem is the article covers only two topics in depth: (1) that Herrera de Noble had a controlling stake in Clarín, Argentina's most widely circulated newspaper;. Stormy clouds ( talk ) 23:37, (UTC) Comment - Raqqa has been repeatedly described as the de facto capital of the Islamic State, so this battle exceeds any regular conflicts in the region in terms of importance and scale. F ix uture ( talk ) 18:34, (UTC) Note: Comments have been requested on Wikipedia talk:WikiProject International relations. MB laze Lightning T 08:14, (UTC) Support Good job on fixing the referencing. Spencer T C 17:30, (UTC) Posted US will withdraw from Paris Agreement on climate change edit Nominator's comments: Trump's actions on climate change (Trump has said climate change is a Chinese hoax) has widely and internationally. Articles in which this image appears Bondhusbreen, Folgefonna National Park, List of national parks of Norway, Wikimedia Commons FP category for this image Wikipedia:Featured pictures/Places/Landscapes Creator Heinrich Pniok ( User:Alchemist-hp ) Support as nominator - Marcus Qwertyus ( talk. BorgQueen ( talk ) 12:51, (UTC) Suggest the image is now changed to the author, and itnr instructions are updated to say we can change the target if no-one can be bothered to fix the real target.

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